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Hello, guys, you must have tried many Internet Browsers but every browser has its Pros and cons but here is a browser which is absolutely fantastic and can give you much higher speed even if your internet is slow and the browser we are talking about is Puffin browser. This browser is extremely fast and responsive and can load heavy website within seconds I tried many Browser but I found it very fast and responsive till now and every other Browser takes heavy RAM memory and takes space up to half a GB on your device. But on the other hands Puffin Browser is so fast and responsive and do not take much space on your device.

Puffin Browser
Earlier this browser was only for mobile devices on Android and I-Phone IOS especially but now they have long there Windows variant in a beta and I must tell you that it is faster than Chrome browser and takes very fewer data to Surf.
Here, country like India we use lots of data in our day to day life if we use Puffin Web browser we can save lots of time and data at the same time which is pretty much awesome I would say you should also use this browser to save time and data and you can also share your thoughts and opinion on this article. down below this article, I appreciate it.

Download For Android Web Browser Devices Click Here:-

Download For Windows Web Browser Click Here:-

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  1. Puffin Browser is really great but one thing that shocks me is that if you log to Facebook with this browser(puffin) for the first time ,the Facebook locks your account.Is it because the cloud is in USA?please fix this.Its annoying and i have lost 2 accounts with this browser.

    Again,this browser never truly block ads,aw! that’s terrible.
    My appreciation of this browser is that is truly wicked FAST,Flash player quipped,visual keyboard,etc.

    Thanks to developers, but they should fix this Facebook error bug.But why is blocked in China?I thought this awesome browser should be shared with everybody & every nation.Why blocked?😖😔😞

    • Facebook locking-out user accounts while accessing from Puffin is a tactic for Facebook to intimidate Puffin users to protect Facebook Lite. (1) Facebook is fully aware the mobile IP addresses of Puffin users through the XFF header, which is used by Facebook ads. (2) The account lock-out happens mostly in countries where Facebook pushes Facebook Lite. (3) Puffin has an app called “Puffin for Facebook” which is a better Facebook app than Facebook’s own apps or. Please try it and you will see the reason why Facebook has to compete dishonorably. This is an anti-trust issue, and it is not a bug Puffin can fix.

      In terms of Puffin being blocked in China, it is the decision of the China government. Puffin is full aware of the reason — lack of censorship. This is another bug Puffin cannot fix. Puffin does not blame China blocking Puffin. China did not target Puffin; instead, Puffin jumped into the cross-hair of China.

      In terms of ad-blocking, I am personally against it but Puffin will have ad-blocking in the future. So far, Puffin does not serve ads, but does not block ads, either. In my opinion, ad-blocking is like communism — sounds good but fundamentally flawed.

    • This Problem is happening due to some bugs in Puffin browser(windows) that is why it’s in beta version.
      and if you wanna use facebook in puffin browser their is one special app by puffin called “Puffin for Facebook”

    • Yes, of course paid is more stable this free version because we are paying for it. So, it must be more stable and much more smoother then free version,
      And Kevin for asking this


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