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Welcome to AndroidTherapy.tech, Here we will give you deep knowledge about Android OS. We try it to make it as simple and attractive for our viewers. So, They can understand Android and make most out of it.

Here, we provide you with the most effective tool’s. That are present in Playstore and even apps that are in a beta testing. We will give you that early access for that Games and Application .

Here, we will also talk About bugs on Android OS and Android Applications and what tools to use to avoid Hacking and spamming. Secure your Android Devices. And Subscribe to Androidtherapy.tech to get this awesome piece of Knowledge about Android. And get Impressed by everyone. So, be knowledgeable and Subscribe to AndroidTherapy.tech


I’m Rahul Singh




I’m a Bachelors Student of Animation. One of my hobby is to know more about new Android Apps and features and to always be the smartest person in every room(wink..). Writing and sharing the little knowledge that I have managed to generate while chasing my passion, has always been the reason behind starting this blog. I really hope you find it helpful..