9 Innovations That Changed Our Manner Of Existence Completely


Innovations That Changed Our Manner Of Existence Completely

Could you imagine a day without using your Smartphone? There are so many things in our life that have changed our lifestyle completely. As I have included some of these inventions that changed our way of life, think about how different things would be without them.



GPS or Global Positioning System has made our life pretty much easy. GPS pinpoint us the exact location with the help of 32 navigational satellites. There is no denying that it is an important invention for explorer, military, pilot etc. Even for common people it really helpful during driving cars.


ATM is introduced in 1967 at Barclays Bank in Enfield, UK and was invented by John Shepherd Barron. ATM has simply made our life easier, now people don’t need to wait in lines to transact money.



Before Television, Radio was the only medium of getting information. But the invention of Television totally changed everything. Watching audio and video at the same time was really a big deal. Though everyone expected television’s popularity will decrease with time but the advancement of technology improves television at a rapid speed and different online streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu etc. has enabled the prominence of TV’s dominance once again.


Smartphone has the major role in our daily life. There are currently 7 billion mobile phones in the world and the number is rapidly growing in countries like China and India. Seriously, Mobile has changed the way how we communicate not just by calls but now we can send text messages too.


The growth in all field we have seen in last 100 years wouldn’t have been possible without the automobile and it would be hard to imagine today’s world without them.


The department of US defense first used a service called ARPANET in the 1960s. Then, in 1989, Tim Berner Lee invented the World Wide Web, which shrank the world like nothing else. Today more than 1.7 billion people or 25 percent of the world use the Internet. It is such a powerful invention that we’ve probably only begun to see its long-term effects.



From generation to generation computer has seen many improvements. With every generation capacity and capabilities of the computer has risen and made our lives simpler. From mathematical calculations to browsing the web to get information can be achieved with it.

Light Bulb

We should be thankful to Thomas Edison for inventing the light bulb. Otherwise, we might have to wait more for sitting under the light. The bulb itself works by transmitting electricity through a wire with high resistance known as a filament. The waste energy created by the resistance is expelled as heat and light.


Probably the invention of all time. If there was no electricity then this article wouldn’t have been possible and I’ll be sitting somewhere doing other stuffs and you too.

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